“The Bite of 87” Event In Five Nights at Freddy’s

The Bite of 87
The Bite of 87

The event The Bite of 87 entered the horrifying history of Five Nights at Freddy’s, marking one of the terrifying attacks that caused the victim to lose his forehead due to being attacked by an Animatronic during the day. This article, with batdongsancafef.vn, will delve into this scary event and the mysteries surrounding it.

I. Five Nights at Freddy’s 2

The event “The Bite of 87” is not directly mentioned in the game Five Nights at Freddy’s 2, but it occurs in the same year as the events of this game, and the 1987 Freddy’s location is considered the event location. this takes place. Phone Guy, during the phone call, mentioned the last event for this Freddy’s restaurant, a birthday party. He instructs Jeremy Fitzgerald to transition into the day shift and attend the party, wearing work clothes to monitor the Toy Animatronics, making sure they don’t harm anyone. The suggestion in this passage is that the biting occurred at this birthday party, and many people suspect that Mangle may have been the one to carry out the biting.

II. Five Nights at Freddy’s

In Five Nights at Freddy’s, the event “The Bite of ’87” is not directly mentioned, but during a phone call on the first night, Phone Guy provides important information. He discusses how animatronics move at night due to free mode to avoid mechanical parts getting stuck. He also recalls a time before the events of “The Bite of ’87” when animatronics often moved during the day. He expressed his surprise that the victim could survive without losing his forehead after being bitten on the forehead. This highlights the horror of the event and raises many questions about how the victim could have survived the bite.

The Bite of 87
The Bite of 87

III. Theories and Reasoning

In Five Nights at Freddy’s, the incident “The Bite of 87” has created many theories and speculation surrounding who caused the bite, and there are two main candidates:

1. Toy Chica: Toy Chica is one of the main Toy Animatronics and if she was the one responsible for the bite, this would cause great damage to Toy Animatronics’ reputation and could lead to them being cancelled. However, there’s a problem with this theory: when Toy Chica’s beak is removed, her mouth is too small to bite off a chunk of someone else’s forehead. Conversely, when the beak is put back on, her mouth cannot open wide enough to bite.

2. Mangle: Mangle has a wider and more mobile mouth, which makes it easier to bite off other people’s foreheads. Additionally, due to Mangle’s malfunctioning condition, technical problems and errors may occur frequently. In the game Ultimate Custom Night, Mangle has a quote that is said to be a reference to this event: “Where’s my beak? Lodged in your forehead, of course.”

An interesting point is that Mangle does not have her own stage, instead, she often performs on the floor. This makes biting easier, which can happen accidentally or unintentionally. Additionally, Foxy’s simulations were also reported to have more technical errors than other animatronics, which also created speculation about Mangle’s abilities.

But the final question remains unanswered: was the victim a child or an adult? The popular theory is that the victim was an adult, because Jeremy Fitzgerald was required to be near the animatronics and it was reported that the Toy Animatronics had difficulty interacting with adults. This wonder remains one of the highlights in the story of “The Bite of 87.”

The Bite of 87
The Bite of 87

IV. Discussion of Victims

One of the interesting and controversial points in “The Bite of 87” event is the nature of the victim. The important question is whether the victim was a child or an adult.

In this discussion, it is often assumed that the victim is an adult. One of the main reasons is the message that Phone Guy conveyed during the phone call, when he advised Jeremy Fitzgerald to stay near the animatronics and join the party. This information suggests that Toy Animatronics have difficulty interacting with adults, and that being near them for supervision may not be safe for a child. Therefore, many people believe that the victim was an adult.

However, there is no specific information in the game to further determine the nature of the victim. The story surrounding “The Bite of 87” remains shrouded in mystery and controversy, and this makes this event an important part of the complex story of Five Nights at Freddy’s.

V. Interesting Quotes

In addition to the basics about the event “The Bite of 87,” there are some interesting points and additional information:

– Initially, the game Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 was said to depict the event “The Bite of 87” through minigames, but it was later clarified that it was a mistake, and the actual event happened in 1987.

– There was a similar incident mentioned in a lawsuit at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator, in which a boy’s head was bitten by an animatronic, but the boy’s forehead was still connected to his brain, although doctors Doctors are not sure how long it will last, and it could fall off at any time. However, due to the frequent nature of fraud in lawsuits, the certainty of this event is still in doubt.

These events and information make “The Bite of 87” an important part of the complex story of Five Nights at Freddy’s, and it still attracts the curiosity and controversy of the fan community for to this day.

VI. Conclusion about the event

The event “The Bite of 87” has become an indispensable and important part of the complex story of Five Nights at Freddy’s. Highlights of this event are:

– “The Bite of 87” marks one of the most horrifying attacks in the world of Five Nights at Freddy’s, causing the victim to lose his forehead after being attacked by an Animatronic in broad daylight.

– This event caused great disappointment for Fazbear Entertainment and raised further concerns and doubts regarding the safety of the animatronics in Freddy’s restaurants.

– Besides, this event has created many theories, inferences and endless questions in the fan community about who is responsible for the bite and the nature of the victim.

By discussing and researching “The Bite of 87,” fans of Five Nights at Freddy’s have had the opportunity to further explore the complex aspects of this mysterious story and world. This event continues to be one of the highlights and fun in the series and will certainly continue to attract players’ interest in the future.

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