Richland, WA Amber Alert Issued for Former Officer Suspected in Multiple Crimes


Richland, WA – An urgent Amber Alert has been issued across Washington State, including Richland, WA, as authorities intensify their search for 39-year-old Elias Huizar, a former Yakima police officer, following a violent series of events. Huizar is believed to have fatally shot his ex-wife at William Wiley Elementary School and another woman at his home, all on the afternoon of April 22. He is also suspected of abducting his one-year-old son, Roman Huizar. Follow Batdongsancafef.vn for update details.


Details of the Richland, WA Amber Alert Incident: The tragic events began around 3:23 p.m. at William Wiley Elementary, coinciding with school dismissal time, creating a chaotic scene in Richland, WA. Following this, a second victim was discovered at Huizar’s residence, leading to a broader law enforcement response.

West Richland Police Department
West Richland Police Department

Huizar’s Description and Last Known Location in Richland, WA:

Authorities report that Huizar is likely driving a silver 2009 Toyota Corolla, with the Washington license plate CBZ4745. It is suspected that he may be attempting to flee towards Mexico. Huizar, who is considered armed and dangerous, is also facing legal issues from a prior case involving the alleged rape of a teenager in February.


Community Response and Safety Measures in Richland, WA:

In response to these incidents in Richland, WA, several local schools were temporarily locked down as a precaution. The West Richland Police Department, along with the FBI and U.S. Marshals, are urging the public to remain vigilant and report any sightings of Huizar immediately by calling 911. The public is strongly advised not to approach him, as he may commit further crimes.


Ongoing Investigation and Background of Richland, WA Amber Alert:

This case is developing rapidly as investigators in Richland, WA gather more details. Huizar was a police officer from June 2013 until his dismissal in February 2022. His court appearance for the child rape charges, originally scheduled for the morning of the shootings, was postponed.

Call for Public Assistance in Richland, WA Amber Alert:

As the search continues in Richland, WA, the community’s cooperation is crucial. Anyone with information regarding Elias Huizar or his son’s whereabouts is urged to contact law enforcement without delay.

Call for Public Assistance in Richland, WA Amber Alert:
Call for Public Assistance in Richland, WA Amber Alert:

Stay tuned for updates on this critical situation in Richland, WA, as authorities work to ensure the safety of the young child and apprehend the suspect.

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